Living Together: Multi-Family Housing Today


Today, more than ever, multi-family housing is recognized as vital to modern, urban communities. This type of housing requires immense dexterity from an architectural perspective, because while promoting a sense of community living, a sense of aesthetics must also prevail.

Michael J. Crosbie has selected more than 45 remarkable examples of multi-family housing for this handsome book. Accompanied by descriptive text and vivid color photography, these projects speak volumes for the fact that multi-family housing need not be monotonous, repetitive structures, but can indeed be visually and aesthetically pleasing, fostering a delightful sense of community.

The book complements Crosbie’s earlier book on multi-family living, as well as many other titles also published by IMAGES, including Houses of God and Architecture for the Gods, Architecture for Justice, and Architecture for the Books. His reputation as an author architect and educator is unparalleled in the USA and Europe.

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